SAP White Paper: Health System Executives Seek New Ways to Reduce Costs and Tackle the Patient Experience

A study of 100 healthcare executives identified two issues to be top of mind for health systems in the coming three years: addressing the cost pressures that have resulted from declining reimbursements, and improving the patient experience.

Key Observations from the Research

  • Health systems are focused on addressing cost pressures resulting from declining reimbursements and improving the patient experience as retail, finance, and travel consumerism continue to influence expectations in healthcare.
  • Healthcare executives believe that key initiatives required to reduce costs and improve the patient experience include identifying and scaling operational efficiencies, enabling interoperability, increasing visibility into data across the enterprise, and improving patient engagement.
  • Health systems are investing in solutions to
    support initiatives that directly impact the
    patient experience and the bottom line: ERP,
    supply chain, human resource management,
    and revenue cycle.

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