“A Strategic Product Development and Marketing Tool”

Porter Research’s Go To Market Strategy consulting service works primarily with healthcare technology firms in the provider, payer and life sciences markets to develop competitive market strategies.

“There are all sorts of new opportunities out there to reach, to do business with, and develop long-term relationships with customers. As a result, it is imperative to think creatively and carefully about how you go to market – about the choices you are going to make in a sea of choices. It is no longer about what you sell, but how you sell it.”
– Lawrence G. Friedman
As Friedman so succinctly puts it, everything a business does must now be centered around the market and customer. With healthcare’s ever-changing nature, this has become increasingly difficult to maintain internally.  The last five years alone have seen an enormous amount of rapid change within the industry – Meaningful Use, ACOs, PCMHs, HIX, HIE, ICD-10 … the list goes on and on, and shows no sign of slowing down. These new concepts have ushered in a flood of new products to the market, and have forced key stakeholders (providers, payers, employers, life sciences, etc.) to rethink their positioning and relevancy within the healthcare vertical.

Whether introducing a new product, repositioning a brand or entering a new market segment, successful organizations depend on research to minimize risk and maximize financial potential. Porter Research offers a Go To Market Strategy consulting service that enables your organization to:

  • Understand the adoption challenges and business problems, or “pain points,” of your target customer
  • Evaluate the needs and wants of your target market before defining solution requirements and finalizing your product roadmap
  • Define which solutions have the highest market potential for success and why
  • Identify the market segment(s) and the buyer profile most interested in your solution
  • Understand the competitive landscape and market demand
  • Measure brand awareness and product messaging to ensure viability in the marketplace
  • Identify preferred market channels
  • Understand preferred pricing models
  • Develop a market segmentation structure that will optimize the identification of sub-markets and their profile potential
  • Gather potential leads for the new product or market solution
Go To Market Strategy studies will deliver the answers and guidance vital to drive your company’s next steps in the market.