Overcoming RCM Challenges: What Healthcare CFOs are Prioritizing in their RCM Technology

An in-depth analysis of healthcare decision makers’ top RCM pain points and priorities based on a research study by Porter Research.

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Research Reveals Network Performance Putting Health Systems and ACOs at Risk in Value-Based Care

As care networks sprawl under increasing value-based care reimbursements, new research reveals many health systems are at risk of failing value-based care contracts.

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New Study Reveals Care Team and Family Member Connectivity Gaps in Hospice

Citus Health Care Team and Family member connectivity Gaps in Hospices

Study raises concerns about hospice industry’s ability to engage patients, family members and clinical care team members effectively.

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Citus Health Announces Groundbreaking Home Healthcare Consumer Research

Citus Health Announces Groundbreaking Home Healthcare Consumer Research

96% Of All Patients And Family Caregivers Would Choose One Home Healthcare Provider Over Another Based On The Ability To Respond More Effectively In Real-Time.

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Citus Health: Impact of Home Healthcare Provider Communication on Consumer Satisfaction

A new Porter Research study of 300 patients and family caregivers who experienced home healthcare in the last 12 months reveals that home healthcare providers are falling short when it comes to what really matters to the consumer.

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Interoperability: Creating competitive advantage for Skilled Nursing providers

New research reveals the importance of understanding what referring providers expect when it comes to interoperability.

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Home Health and Hospice: What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

For the first time in a decade, the top concerns of home health and hospice organizations are all financial-related.

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New Research: Finance Professionals and PHI

Financial systems may be putting non-acute care providers at risk for HIPAA violations.

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The Communication Challenge in Care Management: Connecting the Dots in Real time

Inability to react quickly to urgent member needs may result in member dissatisfaction, unnecessary hospitalizations and higher per member per year cost.

Healthcare is going through an evolution with members increasingly receiving care within the home. Whether it be a member transitioning from the inpatient setting or as an alternative site of care, members are requiring greater support at home from care managers, paid caregivers and family caregivers.

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Improving Capacity and Revenue through Effective Room Management

Healthcare Leaders Experiencing Exam Room Utilization Challenges, Leading to Revenue Loss

As healthcare leaders reimagine patient access and care delivery in a post-pandemic world, there is an emerging story around the need to optimize clinic exam room utilization. Better utilization can improve operating efficiency, patient satisfaction, and revenue capture. The 2020 Porter Research study of 100 health system executive leaders identified the many challenges faced today with exam room scheduling, future expectations for optimizing exam rooms, and the impact that proper exam room scheduling can have on a health system’s P&L.

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