“A Marketing and Sales Intelligence Tool”

In today’s market it isn’t enough just to keep up with the competition – you have to be a step (or two!) ahead of it. Only by understanding the competitive marketplace – including strengths and weaknesses of competitors and customer perceptions of the vendors serving the market – can your organization form a strategy to successfully differentiate itself. Porter develops a competitive analysis framework to meet the unique needs for each client to:

  • Gain insight into competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and how your company compares in key areas
  • Understand the primary factors that went into the customer’s decision to select a particular vendor
  • Measure customer brand awareness and perceptions
  • Develop a strategic road map, as well as define tactical activities, based on your competitive positioning
  • Learn what messaging resonates with your audience
  • Gauge reactions to possible changes in the marketplace such as a new product introduction or a change in pricing strategy
  • Identify future partnership opportunities

Competitive analysis can help your company minimize risk when making critical decisions, validating management’s business initiatives and defining the organization as a proactive leader in the marketplace rather than a reactionary follower.