“A Strategic Benchmarking and Improvement Tool”

High satisfaction and retention rates within your current customer base are critical to your company’s financial success. What are those tangible and intangible factors that determine the difference between a “customer” and a “loyal advocate” of your company? What can you do to become an intrinsic part of your customers’ business strategies and successes?

Customer satisfaction research can provide a guide to measure and/or benchmark your clients’ experience with your organization, ultimately identifying potential areas of improvement from a company, product, sales or service standpoint.  Implementing a Customer Experience Program allows your organization to:

  • Understand the customer’s perceptions of value and service, enabling your organization to achieve or exceed those expectations
  • Quantify customer satisfaction, providing management with the ability to tie customer satisfaction to performance assessments in various functional areas, fostering a client-focused environment
  • Strengthen ties to the customer base by going “higher, deeper, wider” within the organization, becoming a strategic partner in multiple divisions or levels
  • Determine shortfalls, or weaknesses, in the sales-implementation-training-service chain
  • Identify customers who are at risk of defecting to a competitor
  • Assess future needs and requirements of your clients, increasing business opportunities within your current customer base

Porter delivers results that management can use to improve customer retention rates, enhance existing product lines, develop new businesses, and address support/service needs at all stages of the customer lifecycle. Today, more than ever, it is critical to have this deep insight into your clients’ needs and expectations and a strong focus on providing a “best of class” customer experience.