“A Revenue Demand Generation Tool”

Your sales team should be focused on what they do best – educating and selling the buyer on the value of your organization’s product. Porter can seamlessly integrate a prospect profiling program into your sales process to improve efficiency, allow for scalability and ensure the best use of your sales team’s expertise. Prospect profiling provides your company with a validated picture of each prospective customer, as well as emerging trends occurring across multiple organizations within the targeted market. A Prospect Profiling program will:

  • Determine the characteristics of the “ideal prospect” for your product/service, focusing your sales resources on the “most likely to buy” accounts
  • Prioritize prospects, along with likeliness to buy attributes, who merit follow up by your organization’s sales representatives, allowing more effective and efficient allocation of your sales force’s time
  • Capture relevant information about prospects (current solution in place and satisfaction level, experience with other vendors, decision-making process and buying timeline for this type of purchase) in order to tailor appropriate follow up activities
  • Build brand recognition by communicating specific messaging to prospects, generating awareness and piquing interest about your organization’s product prior to contact from a sales executive
  • Assess how your company’s “value proposition” resonates with prospects

By consistently “feeding the pipeline” to keep new prospects moving through the sales process, your company can ensure that your sales and growth targets stay on track. With detailed prospect profiles – complete with each company’s current environment, specific needs and concerns, and purchasing decision-making process – your sales team will be armed with the competitive edge to drive revenue.