“Online Tool Delivering Candid, Unbiased Feedback from a Diverse Audience”

Like the traditional focus group, online Bulletin Board Focus Groups enable clients to gain vital, unbiased feedback from respondents relating to market trends and perceptions, brand awareness, product positioning, development strategies and messaging.

The Bulletin Board Focus Group enables participants to access the online platform to provide valuable feedback and opinions. During a client’s online focus group, a moderator oversees the discussion and can steer the line of questioning throughout the session in order to dive deeper into a participants’ remarks. Videos, charts and other graphics can be displayed within the forum to aid in concept evaluation.

Porter Research has found that Bulletin Board Focus Groups promote an environment that fosters more open responses and reduces undue biases than traditional face-to-face focus groups. Participants are less likely to encounter group peer pressure because of the relative anonymity the Internet affords. Additionally, participants have the comfort of responding from their own familiar surroundings, at a time that is convenient for their busy schedules. Focus group participants typically have access to questions posed in the forum for three to five days – ideal for those hard-to-reach C-suite executives or busy clinicians.

Additional Benefits include:

  • Reduced cost due to the elimination of fees related to travel, location set-up and phone interviews
  • More efficient use of time due to the elimination of coordinating face-to-face groups
  • Quick turnaround time for gathering of market insight and resulting analysis

Bulletin Board Focus Groups deliver the answers and guidance vital to drive a company’s next steps in the market.