“A Competitive Intelligence Tool”

Win-Loss research is critical to the process of assessing the competitive arena. Independent primary research by Porter can elicit candid feedback about a prospective client’s dealings with your firm, as well as others. And by understanding the reasons for the win or loss of a prospective account, you can take appropriate steps to model positive elements and/or address negative perceptions. A Win-Loss program will:

  • Improve the sales win-ratio in competitive deals
  • Identify and validate key reasons for won and lost opportunities
  • Enhance product development initiatives
  • Validate product roadmaps
  • Reduce time and expense of sales resources by focusing on the key factors that drive the buying decision and final vendor selection
  • Gain knowledge of your competitors in multiple areas including pricing, reputation, client references, sales strategy/techniques and future plans/initiatives
  • Determine how to move a “no decision” account to a “win”

With an on-going Win-Loss program, senior leadership can continually fine-tune processes and strategies in product development, marketing, sales and customer service to ensure peak performance and optimize competitive advantage.