Bulletin Board Focus Groups
Take focus groups to the next level by conducting them online in a way that gathers more information, more efficiently and in a way that is less time consuming for participants.

Messaging Heat Maps

Make messaging feedback interactive and precise with visualization that clearly calls out target audience feelings and perceptions of key words and messages.

Win-Loss Analysis
Assess the competitive arena and understand the reasons why deals are won and lost to gain intelligence that can improve sales, marketing, client service and product strategy.

Customer Experience
Provide a guide to benchmark and measure your clients’ experience. Identify potential areas of improvement from a company, product, sales or service standpoint.

Go-To-Market Strategy
Gain insight into potential markets and competitive landscape. Use actionable intelligence to launch new solutions, expand into new markets or realize the full potential of existing solutions with effective product positioning and messaging.

Product Strategy
Deliver winning product plans with informed roadmaps for new solutions or prioritize added capabilities for existing ones.

Content Development
Put your market intelligence to work through white papers, press releases and social media discussions. Porter develops content to support multiple marketing initiatives.

Competitive Analysis
Understand the competitive marketplace to ensure you build solutions and communicate to the market in a way to differentiates you from the rest.

Sales Training
Ensure you have an effective sales process and aligned sales and marketing strategies so all teams communicate cohesively to the market.

Prospect Profiling
Identify the right target audience to prioritize sales and marketing efforts and ensure you hit growth targets.

Mergers & Acquisition Research Services
Know the market and value, while understanding company strengths and weaknesses to make informed, game-changing decisions when acquiring  companies or positioning your company for sale.