Georgia’s 2014 Healthcare IT Workforce Readiness Survey

The non-profit Institute for Healthcare Information Technology (IHIT) commissioned Porter Research to conduct an online survey of Healthcare IT Suppliers (vendors) and Purchasers (hospitals, clinicians) across Georgia to gauge the status of their plans to expand and hire from within the state, as well as their perceptions of how well-equipped Georgia’s educational institutions are to provide qualified Healthcare IT candidates.

The responses were collected to produce the Georgia Healthcare IT Workforce Readiness Survey – 2014 whitepaper, which contains key findings and action items, such as:

• 79% of all respondents stated that their organization currently has Healthcare IT jobs available for employment.

• 64% of all respondents stated they have growth/expansion plans that include the State of Georgia over the next five years

To review the Georgia Healthcare IT Workforce Readiness Survey whitepaper, click below.

About IHIT: 

The organization was founded for the purpose of connecting resources for the advancement of healthcare through technology in a way that has not yet been achieved elsewhere.  They play a unique role in this coordination by leveraging the strength of the Healthcare IT industry within Georgia and the Southeastern U.S. to expand technology throughout the broader U.S. healthcare system.  Visit