Annual IHIT Report: The Voice of Healthcare IT in Georgia

A comprehensive look at the top challenges facing Georgia’s hospitals, physician practices and healthcare IT vendors.

Each year, the Institute for Health Information Technology™ (IHIT) — an independent, non-profit organization focused on advancing the needs of Georgia’s healthcare IT community — conducts an industry survey to document the latest healthcare IT issues that are impacting our citizens, care providers and businesses.

Consistent with previous annual reports, IHIT commissioned Porter Research to conduct the online survey.  Porter received feedback from qualified healthcare professionals, including clinicians, nurses, doctors, administrators, as well as IT experts, such as business leaders and computer programmers.

Key Findings & Common Ground

While each group may have reported slightly different priorities in terms of market conditions and key challenges, there was much common ground on which hospitals, physicians and vendors can stand, and subsequently work together to drive improvements in Georgia.  To view the top five areas that all respondent groups agreed were important, click the Annual IHIT Report:  The Voice of Healthcare IT in Georgia.