Porter Partner NueMD Goes to Market with 2014 HIPAA Compliance Survey

NueMD, with the help of research partners Porter Research and The Daniel Brown Law Group, is conducting a survey of medical practices, billing companies, and business associates designed to gauge respondents’ knowledge of HIPAA’s Privacy and Security regulations.

Porter Research is excited to be a part of the team analyzing and preparing the HIPAA compliance industry report. We are always enthusiastic to helping clients develop and deliver thought leadership content on leading industry regulations, and establishing this baseline on health professional’s knowledge level with respect to HIPAA and the exchange of Personal Health Information (PHI) should offer great insight on where industry familiarity really hovers.

The research program that NueMD has lined up will offer medical practice professionals participating in the research a glimpse into how they stack up to peer professionals in the areas of HIPAA compliance familiarity, planning, training, and risk assessment, with some emphasis on common practices related to sharing PHI with third parties, across mobile devices, and in digital correspondence.

I encourage readers in physician practice settings to participate in the survey and lend your perspective and experience to the research. Participants will receive a benchmark report on the findings of where small practices are on HIPAA regulations.

Are you employed at a physician practice? Take the NueMD 2014 HIPAA Compliance Survey.