What Keeps Healthcare Finance Executives Up at Night?

In light of the complicated revenue cycle management optimization challenges that hospitals face today, Connance and Porter Research recently teamed up to find out more about the top priorities and action plans that are at the forefront of senior financial executives’ minds.

Connance–a leading provider of predictive analytics solutions that personalize the financial and clinical experience for patients–had Porter Research contact hospital CFO’s earlier this year to identify their top RCM initiatives.

Key findings from the research included:

• The average revenue cycle team has 14 priority initiatives.
• Patient receivables as well as denials and underpayments are two areas of priorities.

The findings also included the CFO’s approach to addressing the top 10 initiatives to close the gap between current performance and aspired performance.

To get complete details, click below to read the “What Keeps Healthcare Finance Executives Up at Night?  And What Are They Planning to Do About It?” whitepaper.