The Voice of Healthcare IT in Georgia

A comprehensive look at the top challenges facing Georgia’s hospitals, physician practices and healthcare IT vendors

Each year, the Institute for Health Information Technology™ (IHIT) — an independent, non-profit organization focused on advancing the needs of Georgia’s healthcare IT community — has Porter Research conduct an industry survey to document the latest healthcare IT issues that are impacting the State’s citizens, care providers and businesses.

While previous IHIT reports have analyzed the workforce development needs, this year’s report took a more holistic approach to capturing and analyzing the top challenges impacting all major components of Georgia’s healthcare IT community:  hospitals, physicians practices, and vendors who support these organizations with software and services.

The purpose for this year’s study was to capture and report on the thoughts and opinions of healthcare professionals who are shaping the healthcare IT landscape in Georgia.  Among the more than 100 professionals who participated in the survey, the largest group of respondents came from the vendor/consultant community (46%) and hospitals (27%).  While a fewer number of physicians responded (7%), we can still gain directional insight from this group.

According to findings, the top five areas that all respondent groups agreed were important are:

• Access to trained resources
• Cybersecurity
• Access to care and affordability of care
• Clinical data analytics
• Value-based care reimbursement models

To learn more about the above key findings & common ground issues, as well as about other insights shared by survey respondents and the recommended opportunities for improvement, click the link below to access the 2016 IHIT Voice of Healthcare IT in Georgia Report.