Health Plans’ Survival Could Depend on Customer Service

Insurers are facing more pressure than ever to meet customer demands or lose those customers to competitors.

A recent survey, conducted by HealthEdge and Porter Research, of 2,500 health plan members across the U.S. indicated that health plans must quickly tune their offerings and provide service levels that match or exceed members’ expectations.

Consumers expect organizations in their healthcare ecosystem to more effectively communicate with them and supply information and services in a way that is as convenient as their experience in other industries.  For example, 88% of survey respondents said their health plan could be doing a better job of communicating their total financial responsibility.

Additionally, survey respondents indicate that members care in their health plans lag in “tech-savviness”.  More than half, 57%, said their confidence in the health plan’s ability to provide effective coverage and benefits would be adversely affected by the knowledge that outdated technology is being used.

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Source:  HealthLeaders Media, October 21, 2016